Our partnership

Impact Hub Stockholm (LP) is part of a leading global network of entrepreneurial communities, capacity building programs and collaborative spaces, that support impact-driven entrepreneurs and innovators on their journey from idea to scale. Impact Hub was established with the vision of creating a space for social entrepreneurs; operating with the core values of trust, courage and collaboration. Part innovation lab, part business incubator, and part community centre, it offers its members a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration and collaboration opportunities. Impact Hubs unite people from every profession, culture and background with a drive to use business to serve the needs of people and the planet. Through events and networking opportunities, Impact Hub hosts both physical and virtual gatherings, it has built experience running educational events for adults, in areas that range from business development to social sciences, from lectures to workshops: the events are human centric, designed to be diverse in content and inclusive across demographics.

Future in Perspective Limited (FIP) is a private company working in the fields of vocational education, business development and coaching, work-based learning, e-learning and digital media production. The company specialises in the development of innovative educational materials and courseware specifically targeted at non-mainstream educational providers. As a micro-enterprise, Future in Perspective Limited is keenly aware of the challenges facing small businesses and entrepreneurs in our region. To encourage the growth of successful and sustainable businesses locally, Future in Perspective Limited facilitates opportunities for entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises and SMEs to network with each other and to engage in peer learning in online and face-to-face environments.
Future in Perspective also has experience of working with entrepreneurs in the environmental, artisan, tourism and creative sectors. By engaging with local enterprises in these sectors, we are committed to promoting social impact amongst existing enterprises in our region, supporting older workers and recent retirees to establish social enterprises to respond to the growing social needs of local and rural communities.


CONNECTUS is an organisation based in Athens, Greece aiming to provide services that support the private as well as the public sector in the fields of Digital solutions @ education.
Our projects in the sector of education need nowadays applications that will transform the learning process into a fully digital experience able to reach out to more people in a more efficient way.
Our experience in the sector of policy research is longstanding. We complement the outputs of EU research and analysis as with the development of training and educational material that:
– contribute to tackling societal challenges, e.g. creating awareness for the climate change to students,
– improve the digital skills of teachers and trainers
– develop school curricula that target inclusion in education and the use of digital tool

Exeo Lab is a young business consulting firm that works in the areas of international collaboration and consulting for SMEs and public bodies. With the help of a highly skilled staff, they assist businesses and entrepreneurs with the creation and execution of change management and company growth processes, assisting them in adopting a fresh viewpoint through innovative thinking. They also employ cutting-edge tools that provide tailored development plans to address market difficulties. Additionally they take part in local, national, and international research initiatives to generate growth prospects for regions, particularly in the areas of sustainable development, social and labor inclusion, and entrepreneurship.